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Power Flush

What is a 'Power Flush' and does your heating system need one?

Basically a power flush is designed to flush your central heating system through in order to get rid of any blockages in the system, such as rust and black sludge, which builds up naturally in the system over time, due to corrosion and rusting inside of the radiators, valves and pipe work. It also clears and eliminates any lime scale and dirt from the heat exchangers in your boiler.

Power flushes are achieved through the use of a big power flushing machine, which acts as a large pump that forces the water and specific chemicals through the system to clean and eliminate all the waste material that has built up. It can be connected either across your central heating pump valves or most commonly through the radiator valves.

Power flushes are useful for many problems found in the central heating system including all of the following conditions; 

  • Your central heating taking a long time to get hot/not as hot as it should be, which is due to a blockage in the system, causing poor circulation of the water
  • Cold radiators/part of the radiator not heating up because of black sludge accumulating at the bottom
  • A noisy system/boiler, due too much air in the system or because of a build up of waste material
  • Pump failure, due to the pump overworking or becoming blocked
  • Little or no hot water/water not as hot as it should be, due to the build up of lime scale and sludge causing blocked pipes and heat exchangers
  • Blocked radiator valves

When installing a new boiler for your central heating system or installing a completely new system altogether, it is now recommended by all boiler manufactures to have a power flush to remove any solder or waste material before installing the boiler. This is designed to prevent your system from developing any possible problems, which could occur if a power flush was not completed and also to ensure that your system is working to its maximum efficiency, which will save money in the long-term, as the central heating system will be less likely to develop problems and the systems heating efficiency will ensure lower fuel costs for the future.

Also it is possible that manufactures can void your warranty if it is proven your system has not had a power flush completed.

The long-term benefits of having a power flush completed are;

  • Lower heating costs because it is more expensive to heat up the sludge and the waste materials than it does just to heat the clear water itself
  • Ensures that your system does not break down as frequently as it might do without a power flush
  • Maximises the effectiveness of the radiators and also increases their life span
  • It prolongs the life span of the boiler and the pump and ensures they keep working efficiently

If you feel that from reading this information your system may require a power flush, then contact Andy today for a free quote, which would be based on the specification of your heating system and the number of radiators that your household contains.

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